Peel vs Shumuri vs OtterBox vs Sena vs Spigen: Smartphone Case Sites Compared
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Peel vs Shumuri vs OtterBox vs Sena vs Spigen: Smartphone Case Sites Compared

Peel is the best choice if you want invisible since they have 0.35mm thick cases and clear, nearly invisible design. Shumuri has digital style matching for their cases for those into that. Otterbox has some of the best customization and drop protection. Sena is your option if you like leather cases. Spigen has both a rewards program and extra options like wireless charging.
Covered in this report
Peel — Best Features
Explorer edition gives you 70s and 80s colors that are bright.
Understated edition gives you pastel colors.
Best for: Those looking for very thing, invisible iPhone cases.
Shumuri — Best Features
Download home screen wallpaper to match case style.
Use unique payment options such as Citrus.
Best for: Those looking for digital customization to match their case.
OtterBox — Best Features
Customize your own case with MySymmetry, Defender, or Computer styles.
Otterbox Certified Dropbox protection includes 238 hours of testing.
Best for: Those who want to customize their case for design inserts.
Best deal: 5% Off $50, 10% Off $75 or 15% Off $100 Phone and Tablet Cases - [activate coupon]
Sena — Best Features
Leather wallet cases let you store credit cards as well as your phone.
Thin leather clip-on cases if the other leather ones are too bulky.
Best for: Thin leather clip-on cases if the other leather ones are too bulky.
Best deal: Save 20% On Sena Products on Amazon - [activate coupon]
Spigen — Best Features
Get $5 off case products for 500 points with 100 welcome points available.
Metal kickstand for cases makes viewing devices on tables easier.
Best for: Those who are looking for rewards programs from buying many case products.
Best deal: Up To 40% Off Spigen On Amazon - [activate coupon]

Considering the complexity of smartphones these days, many people have elected to get a case for them. This is often both to protect them and to offer your own custom style to your phone. Here are some popular smartphone case sites that are currently available. This also includes some side by side info to help you choose between smartphone case options.



Peel smartphone cases focus on being minimalist and very thing. If you like iPhone cases that look like they’re not even there at all, these cases could be what you want.


  • Numerous Pictures-With smartphone cases, it often comes down to what it looks like. There are a lot of pictures of the cases on the site so you can see what it’ll look like on your phone. This includes videos as well.
  • Multiple iPhone Devices-There are cases for everything from iPhone 6, to iPhone 7, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and others.
  • Very Thin Case-The case comes in at just 0.35mm, so it really is like an invisible skin.



Shumuri has a lot of options for digital customization with their iPhone wallpapers.


  • Premium Matte Casing-The interior casing for the Duo is premium high-quality TPU style. It has superior shock absorption as well.
  • Download Wallpaper to Match Case-You can download free wallpapers so that your home screen will match your case if you like keeping the styles equal in this way.
  • Free U.S. Shipping-You can get your case shipped to you for free as long as you’re living in the United States.
  • Many Payment Options-Pay with PayPal, American Express, Citrus and Delta as well as Discover and the other standard Visa and MasterCard options.



Otter has good customization options for the physical case itself. There are also a lot of different case options in general, including more than just for Apple.


  • Build Your Own Case-If you click on the customize option with the rainbow diamond icon in the top of the screen, you can choose “defender,” “MySymmetry,” or “Computer” series. Then, you can choose between dozens of different design inserts, case colors, including a clear case, and other options.
  • Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection-This includes more than 24 tests and more than 238 hours of testing to ensure the case will properly protect your phone if it’s dropped. It’s not just drops; it’s other types of trauma too.
  • Multiple Brands Supported-Beyond Apple and iPhone products there’s also some from Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG, Microsoft, and others.



Sena features a lot of leather products, including cases for iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Some of them even have additional pockets so you can put credit cards with your iPhone.


  • Leather Options-You can choose between many different leather cases such as Leatherskin, wallet books, Lugano wallet, and others. You have multiple colors to the leather as well such as the classic brown, black, gray and blue.
  • Free Shipping Over $49-If you spend at least $50 on Sena cases, you can get them shipped out to you for free. This isn’t going to be too hard since many of them cost at least that much anyway.
  • Coupons for Pre-Order-There are coupons for pre-ordering cases that let you save as much as 20% on them.



Spigen has a rewards program for those buying a lot of cases at once. There’s also a lot of extras that come with their cases like metal kickstands and brand rings.


  • Rewards Program-You get 100 points just for creating a store account at Spigen. You get coupons worth $5 off at 500 points. You get $10 off at 1000 and $20 off at 2000. Earn points by getting 10 for every $1 you spend.
  • Refer a Friend and Earn Points-Every friend you refer who buys something for the first time nets you 100 points which is worth about $1 off each once you get the full 500.
  • Free Shipping-Domestic orders are free for shipping your cases to you.

Head to Head


An iPhone 6 or 6s case goes for $25 on Peel. You can choose between silver, white, orange and red.

Iphone 6 cases come in at $13 for the Slim version at Shumuri. This goes all the way up to $28 for the Duo version, however.

Otterbox offers their custom case for just under $47 if you choose the MySymmetry series. More standard cases that you don’t customize will obviously be much less than that.

Sena cases are generally leather. There are many different types, but an example of a case would be the ultra-thin snap-on leather case for iPhone 6 and 6s which comes in at just under $20. You can also get a full all-new magnet flipper case for $60, so there is definitely some range.

Spigen offers iPhone 6 cases starting at around $30 for the Slim Armor version. There are a lot of different types you can get here, however, such as the Tough Armour Volt which includes wireless charging for $50.


Peel has a smartphone case approach that’s like a second skin. The skin is just 0.35mm wide. The focus is definitely on Apple products specifically here, and iPhone versions have the most cases.

Shumuri has free U.S. shipping.It also has cases that come in at 0.35 mm, just like with Peel. The Shumuri caes aren’t focused as much on being invisible, however. They do have more customization than others in terms of the digital matching. You can download a wallpaper to go along with your case.

Otterbox has the advantage of offering more than just cases for iPhone. Peel and Shumuri appear to focus more on Apple products, whereas Otterbox has wider options.

Sena is all about the leather cases for Apple products mostly. You can get full leather options, or you can go for the thin clip-on variety. The pricing is definitely higher-end.

Spigen has some of the best variety of all of the case sites with options for Samsung and other non-Apple options in addition to all of the iPhone varieties. They have case types such as Neo Hybrid Carbon and the Volt with the wireless charging. 

Additional Information
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